Useful Links

Army Corps of Engineers – The biggest Dam building organization in the U.S.

Bonneville Environmental Foundation – Want to purchase Bowersock’s RECs (historically Zephyr Energy)? Check out this website.

Center for Renewable and Sustainable Technology – CREST produces educational multimedia CD-ROMs and operates Solstice, an Internet service for the sustainable energy field.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network – This site contains an “ask an expert” location for any specific questions you might have as well as other useful information.

Energy Information Agency – Discusses stage of development of renewable energy technologies around the globe

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – Report on activities during the past year. Includes hydropower and other energy issues

Foundation for Water and Energy Education – Includes a great step-by-step walk through a hydroelectric project. Recommended viewing to understand how a hydroelectric dam works

Hoover Dam – Take a virtual tour of the Hoover Dam

House Committee on Energy & Commerce

Kansas Corporation Commission

Kansas Rural Papers April/May 2008¬†–¬†Read more about RECs via an article in the Kansas Rural Papers

National Hydropower Association – Hydropower’s national trade association (go to their links page)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory – A brief overview of hydroelectric power

Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Tennessee Valley Authority – A government-owned utility, the largest producer of electric power in the nation

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Our History


The previous Bowersock logo was adopted from one of the mill's first flour brands, Zephyr Flour. In its earliest operation, Bowersock served as a mill and a provider of mechanical power for the City of Lawrence...[more]

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